Getting started with a new blog!

Getting started with a new blog!

Susan in Hong Kong

I've been involved with handbells almost 50 years.  I've also been told that I have lots of interesting information to share.  From my first time picking up and ringing a handbell at a Choristers Guild Conference in Tampa, FL (summer of 1975 at age 24), to spring handbell events (North Carolina in 2022), there's thousands of experiences and lot of percolating thought in between.  It seems like I've covered the full gamut of the ringing community: teacher, director, conductor, author, clinician, massed director, handbell sales rep, and business owner.  It seems that a bell blog will be a great way for me to remember many great memories, plus share some interesting tidbits with my friends.

I'll also be looking for ideas, thoughts and questions from you.  You might even jog a new thought or two when you respond.

~ Susan
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