Here's a recommended list of products to clean up the castings so the bronze castings are shiny and bright for your the holidays.

This products are all you will ever need -- sunshine cloths for daily/weekly tidying, and cream to restore the original luster once or twice a year.  Simple and easy maintenance is the goal -- and these two products are the best.

  • Blue Magic Polishing Cream

    Blue Magic Polishing Cream

    This is by far the most effective polishing cream for bronze handbell castings!  The polish has more grab than other bronze cleaning agents – it removes tarnish build up without effort, and restores the original luster!  Easy...
  • Sunshine Powderless Cloth - Single

    Sunshine Powderless Cloth - Single

    General maintenance of handbells is important, both for appearance and for preventing pitting from hand acids.  Wipe off the castings with Sunshine Cloths after every rehearsal and/or concert.  For efficiency, we recommend one cloth...