Charms, pins, pendants, and earrings - designed and handcrafted for our handbell community by artists throughout the United States.  Nothing is manufactured; everything is handmade.




  • English Bell Pendant -  SS English Bell Pendant -  SS
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    English Bell Pendant - SS

    Size: 1 5/8" ht. x 5/8" diameter The moveable clapper creates a clear, delicate sound The word Tintinnabulum (a small tinkling bell) embellishes the lip of the casting   Chain not included Add a 18-, 22-, or 24-in. sterling...
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    NEW! English Handbell Pendant - SS

    NEW!  We are excited to introduce an English handbell pendant, a commissioned piece of jewelry designed, cast, and assembled by John Cockle and assistants at The Bell Collection, Round Rock, Texas.  Careful consideration has been made to create...