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Folio Art Glass

Glass Coaster - colors, blue & pink

Glass Coaster - colors, blue & pink

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Our glass coaster is handmade by Kim Folio, Folio Art Glass, Colt Neck, New Jersey.  

  • Fired, enameled and fused glass
  • Design: Bells in the Garden
  • Bell Flowers: blue or pink
  • Size: 4" round 

Manufacturing process: the glassware is delicately decorated by hand, using enamel powders layered between clear glass. The piece is then placed on a mold or flat surface and fired at nearly 1500 degrees. This causes the glass to take on the shape of the mold and allows glass and enamel to fuse. The process creates both a texture and bubble pattern, a natural characteristic of this form of glass, which combine to make each piece truly unique.

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