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Dos Damas Designs

Ornament - copper with verdigris

Ornament - copper with verdigris

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NEW! Handcrafted 100% with attention given to every detail.  No two are exactly alike as ingredients in the copper (along with the verdigris* application technique and local desert weather conditions) all play a part in creating the special patina of each ornament.  Not just for Christmas trees, this copper creation will add a unique art piece to any space year round!

The design is cut, patina'd and a protective finish is applied.  *Verdigris and bright copper pieces are assembled and finished off with a unique custom copper wire hanger.

  • Size: 5in. x 2-1/2in.
  • Metal: domestic sheet copper
  • Made in Arizona, the Copper State

(Handbells are made of bronze; bronze is an alloy copper and tin. Verdigris is a common name for any of a variety of copper salts of acetic acid, which range in colour from green to a bluish-green depending on their chemical composition.)

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