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Healthy Ringing® - book, soft-cover

Healthy Ringing® - book, soft-cover

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Highly regarded as the most complete and comprehensive guide to proper ringing available for handbell musicians! 

This remarkable book carefully describes and completely illustrates handbell and handchime fundamentals.  Here are a few topics covered within the 200 pages:

  1. Protect each part of your body with warm-ups and stretches
  2. Teach safe grips, rings, damps and weaves
  3. Teach safe ways to ring bass bells
  4. Illustrates all the correct ways to ring all the special techniques associated with handbells
  5. Give valuable survival tips for rehearsals and massed rings
  6. Provide safe ways to perform with multiple bells and special techniques
  7. Promote proper care of eyes, ears and voice
  8. Present the basics of breathing, nutrition and stress management
Written by Susan Berry; illustrated by Allan Berry.  The advice is timeless, thorough, and complete.



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