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Notebook Reference Cards, "Ringing Positions"

Notebook Reference Cards, "Ringing Positions"

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In this packet are eleven two-sided position reference cards, one for each 'standard' position' in a 2- or 3-octave range of bells or chimes.

These cards are a welcome instructional tool for any age - they cards show each ringer or substitute ringer exactly what notes to play as they occupy a new position.

  • Set includes 11 cards, position 1-11, range C4-C7 (2-oct. range, use charts 3-10)
  • Heavyweight laminate -- meant to last "forever", year after year
  • Size: 4" x 11"
  • Punched to fit standard 3-ring binder

Both sides of each card offer clear graphics that are easy to read at a quick glance.  (Click the small image)

  1. Side one: single staff showing all notes in position (including accidentals) plus submarking of shared bells.
  2. Side two: grand staff with piano keyboard below with labels marked for 37 notes. Entire 3-octave range is separated into 11 positions (2-octave range in gray; 3rd-octave add-on in magenta), including the individual position marked in bold color.

Suggestion: when introducing handbells to a new choir or to substitute ringers, place the individual cards on the table in front of the designated bells or chimes.  Then place each card in folders as a handy daily reference guide. 

Also available:  Notebook Insert (2-5 oct.)

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