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Stained Glass Window Art - "Handbells in the Garden", aqua blue handbells

Stained Glass Window Art - "Handbells in the Garden", aqua blue handbells

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Beautiful, exquisite stained-glass window art, created and made by Art Glass Ensembles, Denton, TX.  The stained glass is recycled from old church windows.  Pieces of this recycled glass is carefully placed into the metal layout by hand, then wrapped in foil and finished with soldering lead.  

  • Color of handles: aqua
  • Design: Bells in the Garden
  • Size: 8" round
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Please note: the white area surrounding the two bells and heart is open and doesn't contain glass (see small inset).

We do not recommend using a suction-cup hook (unless you use Elmer's glue and adhere the suction-cup to the window).  Instead, our artist suggests hanging it with a secure fiber string or a clear fishing cord ( Tying with secure knots on each side, with enough length to hang it from the top and above the window, will allow the piece to catch the light through the window.

(Our friend, Alanna Teragawa shared a picture from her balcony sliding glass door.  Alanna secured the ring with a 3M hook.)

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