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Sunshine Powderless Cloth - single cloth

Sunshine Powderless Cloth - single cloth

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  • Size: 5-1/2in. x 7-1/2in.
  • No powder red rouge residue -- easy to use, even inside all bell manufacturer's castings.
  • Soft, effective with a special non-scratch micro-abrasive
  • Also cleans non-coated silver, copper and brass; non washable

Wipe off the castings after every rehearsal and/or concert.  We recommend one cloth per ringer.  Replace when residue is gone and the cloths are darkened on both sides.  

Also available by the dozen:  Dirty Dozen

Helpful hint: it's recommended that approximately once a year your bell's castings be cleaned with Blue Magic cream, to restore the luster.

Please note: the size of this cloth has not changed.  It comes directly from the manufacturer, precut smaller for jewelry use.  A larger more convenient size for handbells is not available. 


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